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First: Degrees:

1 – Military scientific qualification: –

Bachelor of Military Sciences

specialized course for transport officers – faction leaders – heads of divisions – high-end brigades

2- Higher Military Studies:

Master of Military Sciences (Command and Staff College)

Fellowship of the Higher War College (Nasser Military Academy)

Second: Career Progression:

1- All leadership positions in the transport corps.

2- Head of the Second Army Field Supply and Supply Division.

3 – Head of the logistics planning branch .armed forces

4- The Chief of Staff of the Transport Department -armed forces

5-Director of Transport Department-armed forces.

6 – Chief of Staff of the Logistics and Supply -armed forces.

7-Vice-Chairman of the Supply and Supply Authority -armed forces.

8- Deputy Director of Public Services Authority -armed forces.

9- Director of the General Services Authority- armed forces .

10- Chairman of the Supply and Logistics Authority -armed forces .

11- Assistant Minister of Defense.


Third: Medals :

1-The Order of the Republic of the second class.

2- January 25 Medal.

3. Silver Medal for the Liberation of Sinai.

4-The Golden Jubilee Medal of the 23rd of July Revolution 52.

5 – long service medal and good example.

6 – Order of excellent service.