Company activity

The company performs all activities that complement, supplement, support or relate to any of the purposes aimed at achieving the best methods to invest its capital, expand the range of its investment, reinforce and enhance its resources, increase the value of its investment, and maximize its profits.

The activities of the company manifest in:

  1. Establishing subsidiaries and other joint stock companies independently or jointly with other holding companies or any other public or private legal entities or individuals.
  2. Buying and selling shares in joint stock companies and sharing in their capital.
  3. Issuing and managing the company’s financial portfolio including stocks, securities, bonds, financial assets, and any other items of value.
  4. Conducting any and all necessary actions that the company might need in order to achieve its purposes.
  5. Expanding the ownership of its subsidiaries to obtain the fund required to restructure and reform the companies.
  6. Supporting subsidiaries to raise the standard of their production and improve their performance level in order to secure their presence in the global markets.