First: Degrees

Rehabilitation of Scientific Military

  • Bachelor of Military Science 1981.
  • Commander of the factions of the transfer / heads of brigades / Brigades commanders / leaders / Military Security / Cycle military topography / amortization / early preparation of the leaders of the sections.

Higher Military Studies

  • Master of Military Science (College Command and Staff).
  • Fellowship Graduate School of War (Nasser Military Academy).

Second: Functional gradients

  • All functions of specialized transportation weapon.
  • Head of Supply Division and the Second Field Army Supply.
  • Head of Supply and Air Defense Forces Supply Division.
  • President of the Operations Forces Training Authority supply and Supply AF.
  • President of the Operations Forces body moves and Nmwen supply AF.
  • Deputy public transport device Operations Forces Director .
  • Public transport device Operations Forces Manager (8 years).
  • Chairman of the National Nile Company for River Transport.
  • Member Emeritus Affairs Land Transport Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport.

Third: Experiences

  • All administrative work / art in the field of specialization (transport).
  • Business leadership and planning movements.
  • Planning, control and follow-up operation, rehabilitation, training, maintenance, repair and raise the efficiency and management and sales …. Etc., all matters relating to the work of passenger transport / cargo.
  • Public transport device BC management with an average run of 500-600 vehicle per day in all parts of the Republic for 8 years (independent budget).
  • Chairman of the National Nile Company for River Transportation (independent budget).